Workday 2018

Feel that working itch? Legs sore from sitting in front of the TV too long? Been called a couch potato recently? Then Workday 2018 is for you! Starting Saturday, May 12th at 9am, we will try to work you to the bone with a variety of projects which may include wood cutting, cleaning, gardening, mulching, raking, and just about any spring project you can think of!


Riverside is available for your church, small group, family reunion, pastoral retreat, or other event!

RSI Training Camp

Riverside Servanthood Institute, Riverside’s leadership training program for teens, will be held Friday-Sunday, April 27-29, 2018. The focus of this weekend is to provide leadership training for teens in all areas of camping ministry from leading games and activities to opening and closing teaching sessions to meal preparation and cleaning duties.

The Heart of a Pioneer Woman

Step into the World of the Pioneering Woman on Saturday, April 21st and join us for a variety of pioneering and homesteading workshops ranging from bee keeping, coffee roasting, raising chickens, harvesting and drying herbs, baking bread, trap shooting, canning venison, and so much more!

Summer Camp

Our overnight summer camps are for those ages 6 to 18. Those who come to Riverside will enjoy many fun activities such as: 9-square in the air, swimming, tubing, archery, hexball, and many more. They will also eat 3 great meals and a tasty snack each day. Most importantly, they will hear from the word of God. Our staff are dedicated to providing a safe, spiritually encouraging camp experience to all who attend summer camp.