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Our Staff

Darrie Nelson

Darrie has a rich history with Riverside. Darrie’s father, Dean Nelson, served as the camp director for 35 years through the American Missionary Fellowship organization. Both Darrie and his wife, Maria, grew up attending Riverside. They have a heart for the ministry that Riverside provides and an excitement for outreach to youth. Darrie and Maria are now in their seventeenth year of service at Riverside. After working in the investment world in Minneapolis, Darrie answered the Lord’s calling to become the Executive Director at Riverside. Partnering with his wife, Maria, he is currently responsible for all aspects of the camping ministry.

Email: darrie@riversidebiblecamp.org

Phone: 715-252-5759

Brian Hulka

Brian has a desire to work and serve in ministry that reaches out spiritually and physically building up God’s kingdom. He spent 25 years doing custom woodworking, but had great desire to work where eternal life is the goal. When Brian is not working, he enjoys waterskiing with people and watching inspiring movies. Brian has a wonderful wife, Annie, of 38 years and three sons. He loves working at Riverside because of the common goal of the staff; desiring saving faith and making disciples of Christ. His passion is to grow closer to God and serve Him all the days of his life.

Email: brian@riversidebiblecamp.org

Phone: 715-824-3198

Annie Hulka

Annie has worked alongside her husband of 38 years, Brian, in camp ministry and missions. Before their calling to Riverside, Annie had a cleaning business in addition to working with Brian. In her spare time, Annie enjoys reading, crafting, and cooking. The best part of Riverside for Annie is the testimonies she hears from people who come here. Annie loves building relationships and mentoring people for Christ. At Riverside, she looks forward to seeing people visit year after year and having opportunities to get to know them better. She believes everyone who has been to camp has their mark here, big or small.

Email: brian@riversidebiblecamp.org

Phone: 715-824-3198

Adam Nelson

Adam was born and raised on a farm and had been a farm hand in Nebraska before coming to Riverside in March 2017. He has known his calling was youth since shortly after graduating high school. His heart is to make God real to people, make His word alive and active. He wants to reach out to people who feel lost and meaningless and give them an amazing hope. He loves farming and interacting with people. He and his wife had been praying about how to use these passions for His service. One day, they saw a job posting from Riverside: “Farmer wanted.” Adam now lives at the farm with his wife, Megan, and three sons. In his spare time, he loves nature and spending time outdoors, a favorite activity being paintballing. Adam loves the community that Riverside creates with the staff and guests at camp, as well as the passion to see the camp grow to reach more people with Jesus’ love. Be sure to checkout his YouTube Channel.

Email: adam@riversidebiblecamp.org

Phone: 715-824-3198

Megan Nelson

Megan lives on the farm with her husband Adam and three sons. While initially serving through her support on the farm and in helping her family, Megan took on the role of interim program director in 2019 and transitioned to a permanent position in 2020. Initially from Nebraska, Megan and Adam were praying for God to provide them an opportunity to use their passions for his service. They learned that Riverside wanted to hire a farmer and knew that this was the place they were supposed to be.

Email: megan@riversidebiblecamp.org

Phone: 715-824-3198

Breanna Plank

Growing up going to and volunteering at camp events, Breanna has a special place for Riverside in her heart. For her, Riverside is a place to connect with God and friends in a place where the beauty of God’s creation is displayed. Breanna was drawn to join the Riverside staff in January of 2018 while finishing her college degree, and continues to work as she launches into her career. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at her church, cooking, writing, and spending time with family and friends. Her passion is to share the love of Christ with others and to help people and impact lives, especially in the areas of communication and literacy, both locally and internationally.

Email: office@riversidebiblecamp.org

Phone: 715-824-3198

Scott Latzig

Scott had been living and working in Missouri for six years when he decided he wanted to live closer to his family in Wisconsin. He was directed to Riverside by his sister who knew he wanted a place to stay busy and serve. He is one of seven siblings who all have a love for the outdoors, with many running businesses like tree farms and nurseries. Scott also loves to spend time outside and looks for opportunities to hunt and fish in his spare time. Scott loves Riverside because he sees Jesus here, both in the staff as well as the ministry. He loves serving the campers and watching them grow up through the years, and he believes that God wants him here to do the work that takes care of the people who attend Riverside. He is friends with many families of Riverside and likes maintaining relationships through the camp ministry.

Phone: 715-824-3198