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Riverside Servanthood Institute seeks to train and equip high school students to be effective servant leaders not only at Riverside but also in their communities. In doing so, we believe that students will see the importance of developing a good work ethic and a great attitude about the opportunity to serve others. For more information regarding RSI Training please visit the RSI Training Camp page.

If you have any questions please contact the Program Staff:

Steps to Apply:

  1. Attend in person or online RSI Training Camp

  2. Apply to Serve

  3. Turn in the Reference Form

  4. Complete the Staff Registration Form

    • NOTE: If you have completed the application online, you do not need to fill out a separate Staff Registration Form.


Leaders Inspired For Truth or L.I.F.T is a summer missionary staff position at Riverside Bible Camp for young adults ages 18 and up. LIFT is designed to meet the needs of Riverside’s Summer Programs and to teach how to be God fearing, intentional, Spiritually and emotionally mature leaders through the experience of Cabin Counseling, Worship leading, Biblical Story Telling, tie in activities such as Games, Crafts, Song and dance as well as on sight building and maintenance projects. This is a great summer mission for an outgoing, friendly, creative person who wants to be used as an instrument to further the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Do you have special qualifications such as Lifeguard or First Responder Certification, Musical abilities, love of children or Organizational skills? Would you consider using those skills to make the ultimate difference in someone's life this Summer? Pray about it!

Ashley Elmhorst shares on her experience as a "LIFTer" in 2020:

"...LIFT was such an opportunity for me because I was able to learn and improve so many skills including, but not limited to programming, working computer apps, leadership skills, and relationship building. I’d been working at Riverside Bible Camp for many years on RSI, but this summer was really one for the books. I’ll never forget all the memories and fun times, and I’ll cherish the lessons I learned from the difficult situations. To anyone who asks, I’ll say that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and if you feel as if the Lord might be calling you to take this leap of faith, please do so! I promise you won’t regret it and I couldn’t be happier with the experience."

Steps to Apply:

  1. Read the information packet

  2. Check Riverside's Summer Schedule with your Summer Schedule
    *LIFT Summer Schedule 2021

  3. Apply to Serve

  4. Turn in Reference Forms

  5. Complete the Staff Registration Form

  6. Read the Fundraising Packet

Adult Volunteer Staff

  1. Complete the online Staff Registration Form